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MACD Sample Expert Advisor

Title:MACD Sample My rating:7/10 Currency Pairs:AllTimeframes: All CPU Load:LowTest Lots:0.3 Best Result With:GBP/USD @ H4 Test Period:11/19/2008–11/19/2009 Test Profit:~ 44.5% Test Max DrawDown:~ 10.3% Compatibility: Only MT4 Speacial Notes: Sample MACD EA optimized for GBP/USD @ H4


MACD Sample expert advisor is a famous sample expert advisor made by MetaQuotes Software to implement a very simple MACD-based strategy of Forex trading. MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) is one of the basic financial trading indicators, which is present in every MetaTrader platform. This version of MACD Sample was optimized specifically for GBP/USD H4 chart. This expert advisor uses crosses of 4 MACD indicators and 2 moving average indicators to determine the next position's direction. MACD Sample uses a trailing stop-loss for its orders. That's why it has a very high percentage of profitable orders. But this expert advisor should be always active to stop out the losing positions in time.

My test of MACD Sample MetaTrader expert advisor showed some interesting results. I used GBP/USD H4 chart (I optimized it for this combination) with 0.3 standard lots orders. The results were about $4,450 profit and about $1,030 maximum drawdown in one year period. Checking it on a three years period didn't reveal any problems for this EA.

Mini FAQ

What are the stop-loss and take-profit used by this EA?

It uses 30 pip take-profit and 60 trailing stop-loss. The average losing position is 196 pips.

How often does it trade?

On 4-hour GBP/USD chart (the optimum settings) this EA will trade about 3 times a month on average.

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